Private Security Firms Prepare for Active Shooter Situations

Dramatic increases in both the frequency and ferocity of domestic terrorism and active shooter events have caused many Americans to reevaluate their notions of individual safety and personal security requiring active shooter security. The challenge of preventing terror scenarios, like the recent tragedies in Paris, France, and San Bernardino, CA, is real and ever-evolving for both public agencies and private security firms alike.

By evaluating the unique needs and requirements of each client, the Cobalt Security team creates the best possible environment for active shooter security. The formulation of a client-specific plan for the protection of property and personnel is how Cobalt Security mitigates danger and minimizes client risk. Passive visible deterrents such as cameras, notices, and alarm systems are solid active shooter security launching points for your residence or business. Be assured that Cobalt Security integrates not only the most current innovations into its passive systems, but also those technologies that have proven to be the most effective. However, security guards offer a more proactive and ACTIVE presence that is not predictable and thus harder to overcome.

Private Active Shooter Security Services As Part Of A Proactive Security Plan

Adding an active shooter security component to your organization’s protection plan creates a highly visible deterrent for any criminal activity being launched against your property, possessions, or personnel. Cobalt Security’s on-site services include uniformed armed and unarmed guards, vehicle patrols, and personal bodyguard services. Our highly scrutinized and vetted employees are comprised primarily of former military specialists and law enforcement experts, who review and practice emergency action plans with clients and their personnel to ensure coordination between security services and their protectorates. Cobalt Security guards regularly participate in on-going crisis situation and industry-leading active shooter security training scenarios. This makes our private security guards a smart choice when adding an active component to your security plan.

How To Protect Yourself From An Active Shooter

In an emergency, mere seconds can mean the difference between safety and vulnerability. By their very nature, active shooter situations are unpredictable, fluid, and rapidly evolving. Even when protective services are in place, awareness and preparedness at the personal level can save property and lives. Law enforcement and government agencies strongly encourage individual citizens to know and apply the simple, three-fold response plan formulated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for an active shooter situation.

  1. RUN
    • Put as much distance as possible between yourself and the shooter
    • If in a familiar environment, have an escape route and plan
    • Leave belongings behind
    • Keep your hands visible
  2. HIDE
    • Conceal yourself in a place that is out of the shooter’s view
    • Block the entry to your hiding place; lock doors if possible
    • Silence your mobile phone; rings or tones could reveal your location
  3. FIGHT
    • Fight only as a last resort and only if your life is in imminent danger
    • Attempt to incapacitate the shooter with physical aggression or by throwing objects at the shooter

How To Get A Site Security Assessment

While it may not be possible for any public or private agency to eliminate every security threat, there are things that individuals, businesses, and communities can do to mitigate risk. A targeted combination of training and technology coupled with site-specific active shooter security plans enables Cobalt Security to protect clients and minimize losses should an active shooter situation arise. Consider taking a proactive approach to your safety. Contact Cobalt Security for a complementary area assessment of your property and quote for protective services. Together, we can develop a comprehensive security plan tailored to fit your site and needs.

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