Construction companies are losing more than $1 Billion annually to equipment theft and vandalism. Hiring a professional construction site security team can help prevent this loss and can often times reduce insurance costs.

Construction Site Security

Construction Site Security Measures

Construction Equipment Loss Prevention

Cobalt Security understands the cost of replacing items stolen and the time lost due to delays in waiting for more equipment resulting in a loss of productivity.

Construction Site Security Cameras

Our CCTV set up on your site will help keep your employees honest and assist in identifying people that steal from the site. Of course the cameras, along with our security guards and / or security patrols strongly deter unwanted guests from visiting the site after hours.

Construction Site Security Signs

Posting signs around your construction site showing that the area is patrolled and guards are on duty will typically stop most burglaries or trespassing before they happen. Proper signage will deter unwanted people on your construction site.

Access Control

Creating controlled access points for your construction site will ensure that only the individuals who need access to the site get in.

Perimeter Integrity

The integrity of perimeter, fences and locks are checked regularly to ensure there is no easy point of unwanted access.

Construction Site Security Patrols

Our security team will conduct random patrols around construction site to inspect perimeter integrity, random ID checks, and more. These randomized patrols make it difficult for an individual to plan a theft to your construction site.

Armed and Unarmed Security Guards

Each construction site requires different security practices. Our team of professional construction site security guards are trained to carry if needed. We will help determine if armed or unarmed security will work best for your site.

Our Construction Site Security Goal

Cobalt Security Services’ construction site security goal is to keep you, your employees, equipment and your construction site free of theft, vandalism, and harm. Our security professionals will work with you and your staff to determine the best security plan for your construction site.

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