Theft & Vandalism Prevention

Theft and vandalism to asset holding sites such as car lots, construction sites, storage container lots and wood and metal distribution centers are detrimental to those businesses’ productivity as well as their ability to provide customers with quality products. Asset protection services can help to mitigate this risk. Let Cobalt Security help you save money and provide your customers with unscathed and quality products by posting signs around your site. This establishes that the area is patrolled and warns vandals and thieves that they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Theft and damage to unattended sites cost businesses billions of dollars each year.

Asset Protection Security Services

  • Vehicle patrols ensuring the integrity of the perimeter
  • Roving guards of the site
  • Set up of signs showing that site is patrolled and protected
  • Dedicated guard for vault / safe
  • Secure equipment or other property from theft and vandalism
  • Prevent unauthorized access to your site
  • Maintain fire watches

Why Cobalt for Asset Protection Security Services?

We make it simple for you to utilize our security services. Whether you have one site or multiple, we will orchestrate the protection of your assets. Our team of experienced professional security officers (either armed or unarmed) will deter robbers and other malicious individuals meaning harm or loss to your business.

Asset Protection Security Services

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Property, Equipment, & Product Asset Protection Services

Our team will work with you to develop a security plan to meet your asset protection needs. For more information about asset protection security services by Cobalt Security Services, Contact Us today.

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