Cobalt Security Services: Setting A New Standard

PPO # 18012 | Ventura, Oxnard, Camarillo, Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks Simi Valley and surrounding areas.

Real Time Security Guard Technology

Cobalt Security has partnered with SilverTrac Software to seamlessly bridge the gap of communication between security guards, Cobalt management, and our clients with security guard technology. We understand your time is valuable. Through SilverTrac’s mobile apps, incident reports and security guard logs are instantly available to clients, giving you the ability to view the reports and activity logs of any security guard on your property. No more paper reports, nothing to file, just instant access to information regarding the safety and security your site or event.

Private Security Services with 24/7 Accessibility

security guard technology
  • Save time and reduce paperwork with 24/7, anywhere-access to Daily Activity Reports (DARs).
  • Directly access on-site security guards via the Silvertrac mobile app or by secure internet login.
  • Remotely manage emergencies and incidents as they are happening.
  • Monitor Cobalt Security officers through a guard tour tracking system.
  • Minimize liability risks by reviewing documented security-related matters or maintenance issues.

Security Guard Technology and Cobalt Security Services

Any of Cobalt’s private security services come with the option for digital reports and monitoring.

How It Works

Silvertrac security guard technology is multi-user, multi-purpose application used by both clients and security guards. An on-site Security Guard can:

  • File incident reports.
  • Receive alerts and tasks from supervisors remotely.
  • Scan QR coded checkpoints.
  • Document issues or incidents with photos or voice notes.

Clients can:

  • Access incident reports.
  • Monitor on-site security guards.
  • View reported maintenance incidents.

Every interaction that Cobalt’s private security officers make with a registered mobile device is stamped with the date, time, and GPS location of the interaction so that supervisors and clients can easily verify the location of any on-site security guard. A combination of these scans and the officer’s report create the Daily Activity Logs. The easy to read DARs are numbered and color-coded so that urgent matters are readily seen and addressed.

Contact Us

Please contact us today or give us a call at 866-819-2611 to learn more about how SilverTrac security guard technology can enhance your on-site security.