Is your corporate complex as secure as you think it is?

Corporate Security Vulnerabilities ExposedThe significance of corporate security to a company’s overall asset protection plan cannot be overstated. Whether an entity be a small mom-and-pop enterprise or a large, multi-national conglomerate, today’s corporate security service is charged with effectively protecting physical assets, real property, and the personnel who access them, without diminishing workflow.

Businesses often struggle with how to create a balance between controlling physical access to sensitive spaces while maintaining a receptive environment for staff and visitors alike. Often, simply restructuring how an existing space is utilized can enhance control over the flow of guests, clients, and vendors within the public areas of a business. The addition of monitoring systems, private security, and/or patrol services to augment a strategic spatial configuration can produce an environment where security requirements are met discreetly, without compromising the sense of welcome and belonging within a space.

Risk Assessment Exposes Corporate Security Flaws

Cobalt Security Services recently assessed security risks for a client who owns a three-story office building. The client was using an electronic pass key system to grant authorized personnel access to the business. Additionally, a video intercom system was utilized to both remotely view persons at any of four entrances to the building, and unlock the appropriate door to allow the visitor into a lobby area.

While the client was commended for the pass key and video intercom systems that were already in place, Cobalt Security was able to identify weaknesses in the client’s existing security arrangement. A Cobalt corporate security expert recommended simple, cost-effective measures that would further mitigate security risks for the client.

In this particular case, the client had no employees working on the first floor of the building, despite the presence of multiple offices on the ground level. The receptionist, who was responsible for remotely monitoring points of entry and granting callers access to the building, was stationed on the second floor. Cobalt Security was able to point out the risks associated with allowing unknown individuals into an unstaffed lobby. Despite instructions being delivered via the video intercom system for guests to come to the second floor for assistance upon entering the business, there was no way to ensure that visitors would come directly to the second floor, or for that matter, would not wander through the ground floor unsupervised when leaving the building.

Private Security Officers Better Than CCTV Alone

Cobalt Security strongly urged that the client relocate the receptionist to the ground level of the business. Further enhancements included the installation of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras for all interior and exterior public spaces of the building. The CCTV camera system allowed the receptionist to monitor a live video feed of the enterprise’s common areas, and observe the movements of guests through those spaces. A monitored and recordable CCTV system has not only made this client’s property and personnel more secure, but has also mitigated the risk of fraudulent injury claims occurring at the business, and enhanced loss-prevention measures. A uniformed standing guard and vehicle patrols would further improve security.

As every enterprise presents protection needs that are unique, the Cobalt approach to security is all about customization to fit the needs of the client. Whether your entity’s security requirements are as basic and straightforward as those of the client in the preceding example, or are of a highly complex or sensitive nature, Cobalt Security Services can implement a security plan exclusive to your need. Our on-site security offerings include vehicle patrols and security guard services. Cobalt Security guards can be uniformed, non-uniformed, armed, or unarmed, depending on the client’s requirements.

Contact Cobalt Security Services for a complimentary site evaluation and area assessment. A Cobalt Security consultant will provide you with an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses in your facility’s existing security program, and will propose solutions for augmenting security positives and correcting for protection lapses. With years of experience in providing a comprehensive range of security and protective solutions, Cobalt Security Services is equipped to implement a corporate security plan that is tailored to fit the needs of your business and the requirements of your site.

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