State-of-the-Art Private Security Means Employing the 3p’s – Prepared, Professional and Paperless

Technology A Must In Private Security ServicesIs your security company using outdated paper reports while spending money to have private security personnel doing paperwork when they could be out on patrol? Cobalt Security utilizes an innovative technology known as Officer Reports to ensure their clients get the most out of their professional private security teams, which keeps clients up-to-the-minute with real-time reporting. What’s more, since this is a web-based platform, there is no software to download.

This application, designed specifically for the private security guard industry, is a one-stop shop for all matters that pertain to private security guards. When utilized correctly, Officer Reports provides benefits to security guards, Cobalt Security management, and their clients. This system brings transparency, and seamless communication, to a previously paper-based process. Private security guards can use the program to create incident reports, daily activity reports, maintenance requests, and track visitors in real time.

Additionally, there is an application within Officer Reports called Tour Tracker. This application utilizes quick response (QR) codes that are scanned into a phone app to show when an action has been taken. When a private security guard scans the QR code, they are verifying to the client, and employer, that they have given specific attention to detail, which the client wants to have addressed. Tour Tracker eliminates much of the waste of paper files from foot patrols and vehicle patrol security actions.

Once a QR code has been scanned, GPS coordinates are taken, a time stamp is made, and a report is sent to the client. This shows the client exactly what actions are being taken by the private security guards on their property, allowing clients to verify that guards are completing all required tasks.

This action not only adds transparency for the guards and clients, but also supplies concrete records for future reference, in the event that there are any problems. This aids in eliminating some of the biggest concerns in the industry and provides verification for clients on what is happening on their property.

The Officer Reports System Gathers Incident Reports Electronically

When utilizing the Officer Reports program, all sites are equipped with phones and/or tablets that private security guards use to generate electronic reports through the program, which are immediately sent to the client after the report has been generated. This eliminates waste from the process by allowing the guards to continue their patrol, while providing real-time reports to the client regarding what is happening on their property.

This system also decreases the clutter of paper reports by permanently storing all records online. Officer Reports also provides convenience to clients who want to look back and compare multiple reports over a period of time. The client has the ability to download reports if they happen to delete, misplace or misfile a report. Keep in mind that the reports can also be printed if the client wants to maintain a hard copy on file.

Client Portals

Officer Reports provides clients access to a portal where they can view all information pertaining to their specific sites. It allows clients to view every file, report, and action that has been recorded at their site by Cobalt Security’s private security guards. These reports are kept on file forever and provide clients the ability to look at, print, and sort through all the reports across all their sites. Access to these portals is restricted to the client and Cobalt Security management.

Electronic reports have the potential to save the client money and time looking for, or requesting, paper reports. Also, all reports are backed up on a secure network so that Cobalt Security Services’ clients can feel comfortable knowing that their information is kept safe and secure. Traditionally, when a report is misplaced, a client would request a copy from their private security guard company and wait for the file to be identified and delivered. Officer Reports eliminates this problem.

Backups Preclude Lost Files

Electronic files are backed up on Officer Reports secure servers to ensure that no critical information is lost. If the client cannot find a specific report, they can rest assured knowing that Cobalt and Officer Reports will always have the report. Reports are generally “filed” in three places: on the secure Officer Reports network, in their own filing system, and in Cobalt’s filing system.

Ease of Operations Ensure more time on Patrol with less Worry

Once a report pertaining to a site is completed and entered into Officer Reports, a digital copy is sent directly to the client’s email automatically, saving time and worry. If something needs immediate attention, they will have all the necessary information to take action. This precludes waiting for a traditional paper report to be delivered, ensuring that no reports are misplaced or forgotten.

Clients have the ability to verify right away the actions being performed on their site. In addition, they can log on to an online portal to view all reports that have been made on their site. This ensures that clients will have access to records, even if they have misplaced or misfiled them.

To expand on this, Daily Activity Reports (DARs) log all the day-to-day activities a private security guard does while on shift. These DARs are sent at the end of each shift. Additionally, visitor logs and car logs are updated each time a visitor or car leaves or enters the site, giving the client the ability to see who is on their site at all times during the day. All other reports, such as incident reports, maintenance requests, etc. are sent immediately. This is because those reports generally contain time sensitive information and track unusual activities that should be dealt with quickly.

The Bottom Line

At Cobalt Security, we utilize the latest technological edge to verify that our professional private security team is where they need to be, when they need to be there. Whether it is on-foot or a vehicle patrol, our private security guards execute their daily mission with real-time, innovative support that saves time from filing reports to prepare and execute the mission for our clients.

When you’re in search of a team of trained professionals to provide private security services, contact us. Cobalt Security will be happy to discuss your options, and provide a no-cost estimate for all of your security needs.

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